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"Easy PC diagnostic tool that works!
These guys really have a very simple but powerful software program. After downloading their free tool I ran a scan and it found 327 problems on my PC and diagnosed each one on a seperate screen. It even allowed me to do a print out of what it found so I could take it to my techy friend. Needless to say I ordered the fix and it worked just like it said it would... It fixed all problems with a single click of a button and never asked me to make a decision. Simple, easy and it works. Plus the price was right. I tried many others, but this was made so easy that even my 6 year old could do the fix and it would not harm your system. Great Job PC MightyMax! You sure where on call when I needed you and cheap too. Less then I would have paid to drag my PC out to a repair shop. Im hooked on good service and these guys delivered."

"I couldn't be more impressed!!
I walked away from using PC MightyMax with a distinct feeling of satisfaction and security. I was satisfied that it fixed 189 problems on my PC for only $29, and I feel very secure knowing that I can scan my computer for problems whenever I want, for free!! This is such a great concept I am telling all of my friends about it!! The program was very easy to use, with a gerat interface. Everything was done with one click of a mouse and PC MightyMax did everything for me!! The order process was very smooth and I didn't experience any of the problems I read about and I am convinced that this is a very professional program. I would recommend PC MightyMax to anybody who has a computer!!"
Don Grazen

"Very Impressed with the software
I downloaded th free diagnostic tool and it found 253 problems on my PC. I ordered the fix and it work with a single click of a button. I did not need to do anything else, and now I see an improvement in my overall system and that error message I was getting is now gone!"

"Great Software!!!
PC MightyMax is an amazing application!! It found and repaired 89 problems on my PC!!! It has some cool features to speed up my computer and internet, and now its running smoother and better than ever!! I would give this site 5 stars, and it is a must download!!!"

"I recently purchased the PC MightyMax
Reason I am writing is to say how wonderful your program is! I have resonable computer skills but this program is so easy to use, not to mention how well it works. My first time using the program and it says this "292 Problems(s) Found". I felt like an idiot that I had so many errors and problems on my computer. :) The only thing I love seeing is when I do scans now and it tells me this "Congratulations! No problems found today". It gives me the little extra cofidence in computers and programs each time. The only mistake that it did not fix was ME only getting a 7 day pass instead of a full year. There is that idiot feeling again. Rofl Keep up the good work and thanks for fixing my computer."
Kevin Tebeau

"263 problems...
I could not install my A1500 compaq printer. I could not get e-mail and many warnings of all kinds . Thanks for the real cool program that really works."
Richard Johnson.

"Thanks for the real cool program that really works"

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"Many thanks for replying so quickly, I have now completed the final unlock key, this worked immeadiately, and problems (350+), have now been fixed!! I am impressed!!
Once again, thank you."

"I'm really impressed with the quality of this s/w. Everything in the installation process works really well and it actually fixed my first PC's problems (against all my expectations) and saved me from formatting the hard disk (!) and reloading everything from scratch which was my original plan till I tried MightyMax. You can use me for any testimonials you may need."

"Congratulations on a wonderful product, I keep our computer in fairly tip top condition, using Norton system works etc, but it still found 7 problems - so I decide to order and give it a try. One button and they were fixed in a minute and it cured problems I had been having with java on certain web sites, although it worked, it sometimes crashed IE6 when you went into sub-menus. That problem is now resolved, thanks to you and the computer hasn't crashed since - although I do realise that's windows can lock up even when everything is running perfect. I now have six days left before it runs out, but I'll be back in the future if I start getting problems again."
Keith Blackwell

"Great utility that works!
I've tried many other applications that where free or shareware only to find out they made matters worse then when I started. Using this little powerful utility did the trick and it fixed all problems and never asked me if I wanted to do this or that or warn if I did fix something it could make a major impact on my system leaving it back on me... I hate when they do that! This MightyMax program simply FIXED it with one click of a button. Amazing! I could not ask for anything better, and yes, it's not totally free, but if that's what you are looking for then beware that you may do more harm then good. As the old say goes you get what you pay for and these guys have great support too."
Mark Harrison

"MightyMax Really Does Work Very Well!
I was a little scared of using this facitility at first - I mean it has control of my total pc! After trying the product, and finding many faults with my system, it fixed everything and my pc worked more efficiently and faster. It also freed up a lot of my memory. My pc also doesn't have the "Grinding" noise anymore. The technical consultant assisted with all my technical questions - with little delay. I am now 100%25 confident that this product is GREAT! I will confidently use all this company's products in the future. Thank you."
Viesha Lewand

"I boot up faster now, programs open faster, and best of all, No More Crashing"

"First Rate Utility!!
I have done quite a bit of searching through different shareware sites, and over the internet in search of something to stop my darned comptuer from crashing all the time. Well, PC MightyMax actually worked!! It scanned and found 163 problems, and fixed them all. I boot up faster now, programs open faster, and best of all, No More Crashing!! I am so thrilled to have this software, it is fantastic!! If you are looking for something to fix up you computer, get PC MightyMax!!! Thanks!!"
Ryan Johnson

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"It works as advertise and is a first class program
It does it and does it very well. I had some other big name expensive programs I paid for first, unwrapped them installed it on my computer and then found out it still did not fix my problem and was out of pocket $89 big ones. No, I could not take it back since when you by software from the store and open it out of its seal you cannot return it unless the CD is defective. So Pc Doc did not make me pay and allowed me to try it before I made the decision to purchase and showed me all the problems up front. And guess what, it FIXED them all with a single click of my button. Hey guys you need to download this smart little application and see for yourself. Pc Doc keep up the good work! I'm very satisfied with the whole process and glad I try it. This is an up and coming company ran by real people who are there when you need them. I hope they go public and offered stock :)"
Michael Harrington Investment Banking

"The doctor is on call 24 hr 7 day a week
I am a video / music / website creator guru, my computer is a major tool in my business. One day I noticed it was locking up my videos, every four seconds a message would come up low on memory. I needed to do something quick. I did a search and found PC on line, I downloaded the software on to my system, and it loaded as easy as 1,2,3. Once it was installed I watched the doctor give me a computer check up. I had one sick computer; it had over 500 problems shown after my check up. I clicked on the "next" button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Then I just sat back and watched my computer being cured right in front of me. Once the doctor was completed I had a clean bill of health, I was able to reboot and go back to work. Not only does my computer feel better but also so do I. Thank you so much MightyMax I don't know what I would do with out you."
Jammin Jay

"Great software and easy to use!
PC MightyMax is great software. I was recommended by a friend to try it and sure enough it found and fixed my system problems with no hassle. I'm hooked on great software and this one works. This program is GREAT and I recommend you give it a try. You will not be disappointed. PC MightyMax will save you Time, Money and Grief! I liked it so much I placed an order for several other computers because it works and is easy to use."
Glendale Internet Cafe

"THE premier PC fix it program
After analizing my computer and finding 326 problems, I purchased the repair portion of the program. Due to a USER error, the incorrect unlock code was emailed to me. The following day, I recieved a phone call from the President of the company. Not only did he generate a new code to unlock the program I had purchased, but he stayed on the line with me, making sure his program worked properly. Additionally, while waiting for PC Doctor to do it's thing, he offered some great advice to speed up my computer and great program advice for virus protection and firewalls. My computer is running better than it has in a long time. Faster and smooter with no error messages. Not only is the PC MightyMax the best program that I have ever used, the customer service is beyond reproach. Have problems with your computer? Well, if you are running Windows you do. Need them fixed? DOWNLOAD this program now. There is not other program that can even come close to what this one provides. Small, Fast, Accurate, Simple.And phenomenal customer support."
Sam Weikel

"PC MightyMax Is A Life Saver
I have been having recently tremendous problems with my PC. It has been getting slower, and it has been crashing alot. I wanted a quick easy fix. Well, I downloaded, and soon ordered PC MightyMax, and it found and repaired 318 problems on my PC!!! I was impressed with it's amazing capability, and how fast it went. Best of all, NO MORE CRASHING!!!! This thing is great and now my computer boots up faster and loads programs faster!!! This thing is great!!! A++++++ 2 Thumbs Up!!!"
Timmothy Coleburg

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"Easy To Use - Quick Tech Support!!!
This is some really cool software. I downloaded it, and installed it without a glich. I ran the scan and it found 329 errors!! I then went and ordered the software, ran the fix, and it fixed everything!!! Now my computer has a heck of a lot less errors, and it runs a good deal quicker!! I was very impressed with their really quick tech support! I had a question about the software, and I got a response within the hour!! This is an awsome program, I recommend it to everybody!!!!!"
Larry Gallager

"This is an awsome program, I recommend it to everybody"

"A Professional Opinion
Just what the doctor ordered: a personal healthcare unit for your PC. Download it for free and see just how many problems it finds. VERDICT of VNU. UK's largest technology review company. Read the full review here. After I had downloaded from the MICROSOFT msn Top Ten download site. I had a rep email me about testimonials and I read all of them. I found to my suprise on though that there appear to be people intentionally trying to discredit this product. I did not listen to these few, I listed to WHAT THE EXPERTS SAID. So for anyone reviewing here. Please ignore these phonies who get 2 or 3 different softwares and try to discredit each by claiming the other found errors but this did not. These people really must be STUPID. If the software they claim showed more errors than MightyMax. WHY THE HELL DIDN'T THE SOFTWARE FIX ALL THEIR ERRORS. WHY on earth are they trying MightyMax for. I am conviced these types are the first to discredit ANYONE probably even MICROSOFT on anything new that comes out. I asked when purchasing would I get my money back I was totally dissatisfied and was reassured that I would. PLEASE read what the experts say, I did and I am glad. I had a PC that consistently crashed after I had deleted some windows files using McAfee...Yes a branded product. Thanks to MightyMax it restored these files and also made my PC faster. I can't complain. I bought an annual key for total complete peace of mind. Thank you."

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