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PC MightyMax

What do you do when Windows starts misbehaving? (That is, after you've pounded on your desk and yelled at the screen?) The range of things that can go wrong with Windows is truly staggering - sudden lock-ups, freezing, crashing, gobbledy gook error messages, and lots more!

It's a sorry situation that problems in Windows are endemic and have never been eradicated despite continuing development and regular 'new' version releases.

When confronted with a Windows problem, some people start poking around, more or less at random, hoping that they'll get lucky and stumble on the fix. But the majority of users break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of anything remotely computer technical.

The good news is that now there's a much more effective strategy to automatically find and fix the overwhelming majority of Windows woes, without ever needing to get your hands dirty or delve into the murky world of computer jargon:

Introducing "PC MightyMax" - our revolutionary new service which diagnoses and fixes Windows problems with a simple one-step process.

What's more we give you the diagnostic tool absolutely FREE of charge and it's yours to keep. Run it as often as you wish to check for Windows problems on your system. If you want to fix any faults found by "PC MightyMax" there is a very simple process to follow, just by paying a small fee.

"PC MightyMax" performs a series of diagnostic checks to locate file errors and problems, including all types of software errors, Registry problems, leftovers from incomplete uninstalls and much more.

Problems can be fixed automatically by unlocking "PC MightyMax" with a security key which you can order securely and easily online.

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