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PC MightyMax

Our FREE diagnostic tool "PC MightyMax" has been designed to seek out potential Windows problems on your PC, with simplicity of use in mind.

Once you have downloaded and installed "PC MightyMax", it will quickly determine whether or not you have any problematic files lurking in your PC.

When the test is finished, it presents to you an easy to read report with the details of any problems found. At this point you have the option to order a serial number to fix the problems, or leave things as they are.

You can order an unlock key by credit card online via our SSL Secured Server. You will then receive a serial number which instantly unlocks "PC MightyMax" to fix the problems for you.

"PC MightyMax" is yours to keep allowing you to run the diagnostic test whenever you wish (we recommend at least once a week). This unique tool allows you to see new problems as they occur in your computer.

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