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PC MightyMax

In keeping with the revolutionary nature of our "PC MightyMax" service we're introducing a new method of distribution.

There are many other software products which offer some, or all, of the features incorporated into "PC MightyMax". However, until now, you were expected to buy the entire software program regardless of how little you needed to use it!

The proprietary, brand name, shrink-wrapped software that you buy in your local computer shop comes with a high price tag and you don't know what it can do, or whether you need it, until it's installed.

Or there's shareware which has the advantage of a time limited trial period, but then you pay for it even though you may only use it once and never again. If you allow the trial period to expire there's no way to run it once more, unless you buy it, of course.

If you use either type of software described above to run a check for Windows problems and find none why should you pay for the full software package?

With this in mind we devised an entirely new strategy called "LEASEWARE".

We give you the diagnostic tool FREE and you only pay to lease a security key to unlock "PC MightyMax" which fixes the problem - if no problems are found you pay nothing!

Example 1: You download our free test and run it on your PC. Result of the check is NIL problem files. Cost to you = $0.00

Example 2: You download our free test and run it on your PC. Result of the check is 175 problem files in 5 categories. You lease a security
unlock key for 7 days and fix the problems. Cost to you = $29.95

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